Символично в Канун Дня Всех Святых поразмышлять на тему Единства всех духовных учений. Иисус и Йога (Единство с Высшим Духом)…
Special Satsang and Lectures with Brother Rolph

rolphSunday Oct 31 Satsang 6pm: «Yoga in the light of Teachings of Jesus and his disciples»

Monday Nov 1, 5:30pm «Concerning Meditation as practiced by Mystics and Contemplatives from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Century»

Tuesday Nov 2, 5:30pm: «A reflection on the Bhagavad Gita as seen through
these eyes»…. References to certain aspects of St Francis of Assisi
in his spiritual quest (like Arjuna)

Thursday Nov 4, 7pm «The Concept of Non-violence in the Teachings of St. Francis (How Francis re-acted during the war )
Rolph Fernandes was a Franciscan monk for 43 years. He was nominated as the Inter-Faith rep for the Franciscans and that was his main ministry for the last 15 years while he lived in the monastery.
Rolph had been to India on two occasions and lived for one year at the ashram of Fr. Bede Griffiths. He has attended many international conferences in Rome, Paris, Australia and  Sarajevo.

Rolph works in Montreal, offering his services in an AIDS clinic, accompanying people with meditation and also sharing his experience of Franciscan spirituality and its implications for this changing world.

Rolph will share with us his vast knowledge of the teachings of St. Francis in three lectures and workshops.


«Satsang means literally «company of the wise,» or a meeting of like-minded people gathered for spiritual practice… The group meditation or “Satsang” is the heart of Yoga teachings and provides one of the most effective means for progress in spiritual life.»