I Give Blood. Will you?I gave my blood on Saturday, November 19, 2011. That was in Livermore Hindu Temple, they had blood donation drive  by American Red Cross. There was mobile blood station on bus.

Before my basic health conditions was checked — see below. And my personal information was placed into computer based system. I was asked a lot of questions about my health conditions and last time (last 3-6 months and 2-3 years) life history that could be related to blood quality and general health status — any injections, list of diseases which could impact blood (actually any of disease but they look at the specific list) including HIV , any type of contacts with persons who is under risk of HIV, take in dangerous medicines etc. Funny, I was even asked my sex. Whether do I look so indefinably? ;)  You’ve forgotten. That is America, so they should obey the right of each person to be what they want to be. ;)

Regular quality was taken of me — 625 g. It took about 7-9 minutes in my case. In average it takes about 5- 10 minutes depending on personal conditions (blood fluidity and pressure). Whole procedure including preliminary examination, questionnaire and light after-procedure rest took around 50 minutes for me.

They provided all the necessary information on how to restore blood faster and about the changes in the regimen. They said restoration period  could be around 7-10 days that is also nicely correlated with Ayurvedic concept of seven Dhatus (seven tissues of the human body). From that blood (Rakta Dhatu, second Dhatu in the metabolic chain) is formed from the first Dhatu — Rasa. The transformation process of intake food into blood components (corpuscules, cells) takes 6 days.

My parameters was:
Body Temperature (taken from under tongue): 97.9 F
Pulse rate/frequency — 60/min
Blood Pressure — 115/70
Hemoglobin — 15 g/dL

General Info:
Hemoglobin is carried in the red blood cells and it’s function is to carry Oxygen to all the cells in your body It does this by combining with the part that is made up of iron, the heme. It picks it up in the alveolar capillary bed and transports it to the cells via the circulatory system. The hematocrit is the portion of your blood that is solid products Like hemoglobin,white blood cells, platelets. Normal blood is just less than half and half . The normal hematocrit is around 45%. The normal hemoglobin is 15. A rule of thumb is the hematocrit is always three times the hemoglobin. Look at it sometime it is always true.

WHO’s Hemoglobin thresholds used to define anemia
Age or gender group Hemoglobin (g/dL) Hematocrit (%)
Children (0.5-4) < 11.0 < 33
Children (5-12) < 11.5 < 35
Children (12-15) < 12.0 < 36
Adult Men < 13.0 < 39
Non-pregnant Women < 12.0 < 36
Pregnant Women < 11.0 < 33