Good advise! Though I have managed to use only FireFox browser to play my study flash video from Boat Browser that I tried, does not play flash anyway — just display the page «This content requires the Macromedia Flash player. Get Flash».

Full citation from — How to install Adobe Flash Player on Android.

As you know, Adobe Flash Player was ditched in favor of HTML5 on Android. While that’s certainly not a bad thing, there’s still some faithful Adobe Flash Player users. So we’re going to show you how to manually install Adobe Flash Player on your Android device. It’s a fairly easy process.

As usual, if you’d rather watch the video, just head to the bottom of the article.


As I mentioned, installing Adobe Flash Player is very easy. First, head into your Android device’s Settings > Security and make sure to check the Unknown Sources box. This will allow us to install the Adobe Flash Player app from a source other than the Play Store.

Next, open up Google on your Android device and search for “Adobe Flash Player archives” (or just hit this link from your smartphone). After that, hit the first link on the page. Once the page is loaded, you’re going to want to scroll down until you see the Android 4.0 archives. When you find it, you’re going to want to tap the first version you see to begin the download, which is the version that Adobe still updates regularly.


After the download is finished, simply tap the notification and you can begin installing the app. Keep in mind that you can’t use the stock browser or Google Chrome with Adobe Flash Player, as they don’t support it. You’re going to need to use something like the Boat browser or Firefox.

Setting up Flash

If you have Boat browser installed, inside the browser head into Settings > Page Content settings, and make sure the flash plugins are enabled. After that, you can head on over to YouTube to make sure it works. Just make you’re using the desktop site and not the mobile page.

That’s it! Adobe Flash Player should now be up and running on your Android device!