Funny self test and may be useful to understand yourself more.
<Thanks to Shelli Dillon Thompson for sharing>I guess I would be 2 & 4 or wish to be such. As soon as I could be #4, I have made some analysis and now think that these types can be matched with ayurvedic VPK types somehow.
I have got something like this (three clear types V, K, P and six dual mixed): 1 — KV, 2- PK, 3-K, 4- KP, 5- VK, 6 — VP, 7 — VP, 8 -V, 9 — P. What do you think?

PERSONALITY TESTFunny_eye_test_personality
First Choose An Eye To See What It Reveals About You
An eye is very complex, beautiful and intriguing. The eye symbolizes clarity, focus and purpose. The eye you are drawn to below reveals quite a bit about your personality. Choose the eye you like best to learn more about yourself. Read the rest of this entry »