Asian Art Museum  Yoga the Art of Transformation

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Last Saturday I visited the exhibition of  «Yoga: The Art of Transformation» in Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. I guess that is great initial step in education of public toward understanding of what the yoga really is.

Due to 20-century global movement of westernization of ancient asian (indian, vedic, chinese) traditions there were some distortions of the real purpose of such powerful traditions and spiritual instrumentation as Yoga. In modern time widespread attitude to yoga  as to physical training for health and stress release is too shallow and do not recognize the highest spiritual goals and amazing life-changing technologies of Yoga.

This exhibition is some sort of attempt to shed more light on those spiritual aspects of Yoga. Some attempt,  but I hope it could be really helpful for many of us to reevaluate with new curious look  the wonderful depth and highest wisdom of Yoga tradition.

Let yourself  spend enough time in the rooms of exhibition,  tune to calm and meditative perception and you will see more than just dark rooms with some pictures, statues and the pages of illustrated books.

Please read thoroughly the textual explanations and comments and, I insist, rent and listen to the Audio Tour device  — that is essential to get deeper into the treasure of ancient wisdom.
You can click on image of «Fasting Buddha» below and watch short slide show with pictures I took. As soon as photo and video capturing is prohibited I frankly did not make a photos of any artifacts but only several shots of most important texts explaining the ideas. Read them to get the ideas.

The pictures of «Fasting Buddha» and «Yoga asanas from 15 century book…» I borrowed for free from Internet, they are not mine.

Fasting Buddha_1986.70-849x1024

Medium path of life does not assume any extremes. Buddha had found it out.
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Vishnu Vishvarupa

Vishnu Vishvarupa, approx. 1800–1820 (detail). India; Rajasthan state, former kingdom of Jaipur. Opaque watercolor and gold on paper. Courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Given by Mrs. Gerald Clark, IS 33–2006.