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Talk at SFO: Sleep is not a waste of time!

Talk at SFO - Dr. JayarajanПолезный и познавательный фрагмент о важности соблюдения ежедневных рутин жизни для здоровья от нашего замечательного аюрведического доктора Джеяраджана.

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Academy Director at Kerala Ayurveda (USA)

Talk at SFO: Sleep is not a waste of time!

It was wonderful to share the Ayurvedic perspective on sleep with such a health conscious group of San Francisco International Airport (SFO) employees. Each opportunity to make positive shifts in human consciousness is a blessing!

How to achieve Health & Balance?

The best way to start is to ask yourself questions about how you lead your life: Do I have a consistent bedtime? Do I get up at the same time each day? What activities do I participate in most often? When do I eat my meals? and Do I take the time to observe my emotional and physical state before I eat?

Ayurveda considers sleep as one of the three pillars holding the life in correct balance. Read the rest of this entry »