spiderweb_Luc_Viatour-600x600Please sign the petition! This is to protect the nature and life in California but remember that nothing on our planet is in isolation! The Earth is actually too small and vulnerable.
My other considerations:
Looking at the current planetary and local ecological issues, it is time to re-think the technology of our civilization, including, at the first place, fresh water supply, power sources and agricultural technologies. Way back it’s time to become wiser and NOT to follow instant and short-sighted solutions. Please sing the petition and learn more of how the drought issue can be solved alternatively using naturally provided local sources.  For example, San Francisco Bay Area has a wonderful eternal source of water out of their famous fogs. Likewise, any coastal California regions have another option of condensing fresh water from air (dew source). There are tons of ideas and scientific articles on the topics. Just call government to stop short-sighted but very expensive project and require them to hire progressive scientists and re-think a solution.




Just some examples on alternative fresh water sources for coastal California and other lack of water areas -