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How to set up and play Flash Player content in Web Browser onto Android

Good advise! Though I have managed to use only FireFox browser to play my study flash video from Boat Browser that I tried, does not play flash anyway — just display the page «This content requires the Macromedia Flash player. Get Flash».

Full citation from — How to install Adobe Flash Player on Android.

As you know, Adobe Flash Player was ditched in favor of HTML5 on Android. While that’s certainly not a bad thing, there’s still some faithful Adobe Flash Player users. So we’re going to show you how to manually install Adobe Flash Player on your Android device. It’s a fairly easy process.

As usual, if you’d rather watch the video, just head to the bottom of the article. Read the rest of this entry »

Anatomy & Physiology of an Android

Anatomy & Physiology of an Android by Patrick Brady (Google).

There is a little bit old (2008) but still good overview in basics of Android Anatomy and Physiology — for better understanding of underlying technologies of Android platform.



Android Graphics

1. design-and-concepts-of-android-graphics

2. surfaceflinger

3. Anatomy & Physiology of an Android

Patrick Brady (Google) 

Android has been designed as a modern mobile platform that will enable applications to take full advantage of the mobile device capabilities. This session will break down the various components of the Android platform, examine how they work, and give developers a deeper understanding of the underlying technologies that drive the Android platform.


4. «There are two core pieces to Android graphics: SurfaceFlinger and Skia. SurfaceFlinger is Android’s compositor, used by the window manager to create and display windows (actually called surfaces.) SurfaceFlinger is implemented on top of OpenGL ES 1.x currently and can also use other hardware acceleration techniques when available (MDP, a 2D blitter on the T-Mobile G1, or hardware overlays on the Xoom.)

Each application renders into its windows (or surfaces) using primarily Skia. Skia is Android’s 2D graphics library. You can also use OpenGL ES 1.x and 2.0 to render into a surface.

Android doesn’t use DirectFB or X11 or any other existing Linux solution.»

(the source is here —

5. Commercial 3 days training — Android Internals


Android Downlink and Uplink speed and RF Signal/Base Station Tracking

i. To estimate download and upload network speed (both Cell RF and WiFi) use free Android application provided by well-known online test server —

ii. Apps from Android Market for RF cell network  signal tracking and looking for cell BS locations.

1. RF Signal Tracker

Ken Hunt v 2.3.4.

2. OpenSignalMaps

Staircase 3, Inc.

+ Signal Strength

+ Cell BS location and direction

+ Uplink and Downlink Speed test.


USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy SII

Are you looking for Samsung Galaxy S II USB drivers to use ADB, DDMS and/or other Android development tools?

1. For any OEM Android device you can find the links for OEM USB Drivers on official site.

From there this is the location I generated and used to get software (driver kit and Kies) and manual for Galaxy S II, ATT carrier (model name SGH-i777).

2. Do not forget to enable USB Debugging <Menu(Apps)->Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging> on device. By default it is disabled and therefore your device is detected as MTP unit which you still can use if install Kies (PC Software for Mobile from Samsung).

Сайт о Кене — человеке и инженере

Занятный человек. По сайту можно узнать многое о человеке, если он не скрывает, а, напротив, раскрывает себя.

Знакомьтесь, Кен Хант (Ken Hunt)человек и инженер. Инь и ян живут в каждом из нас в разных пропорциях, но не каждый проявляет их в такой форме как Кен — его авто пара просто очень выразительна!

Заочное спасибо Кену за полезную программку, которую я искал —

RF Signal Tracker — Андроидный измеритель сигнала мобильной сети с другими полезными фишками.

Другая интересная и полезная прога, разработанная Кеном  — карманная мобильная Конституция Соединенных Штатов (для Андроидов).


Barcode for Android

Barcode recognition for Android can be done using FREE software package called «Barcode Scanner» (

Barcode recognition applications rely on embedded Camera hardware and very simple for usage.