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Android Graphics

1. design-and-concepts-of-android-graphics

2. surfaceflinger

3. Anatomy & Physiology of an Android

Patrick Brady (Google) 

Android has been designed as a modern mobile platform that will enable applications to take full advantage of the mobile device capabilities. This session will break down the various components of the Android platform, examine how they work, and give developers a deeper understanding of the underlying technologies that drive the Android platform.


4. «There are two core pieces to Android graphics: SurfaceFlinger and Skia. SurfaceFlinger is Android’s compositor, used by the window manager to create and display windows (actually called surfaces.) SurfaceFlinger is implemented on top of OpenGL ES 1.x currently and can also use other hardware acceleration techniques when available (MDP, a 2D blitter on the T-Mobile G1, or hardware overlays on the Xoom.)

Each application renders into its windows (or surfaces) using primarily Skia. Skia is Android’s 2D graphics library. You can also use OpenGL ES 1.x and 2.0 to render into a surface.

Android doesn’t use DirectFB or X11 or any other existing Linux solution.»

(the source is here —

5. Commercial 3 days training — Android Internals


Who is the father of computing — Turing or Panin?

<There are interesting facts — thanks to Narendra Kumar S.S for the post.>

Who is the father of computing — Turing or Panin!?

Difference Engines: Move Over Mr. Turing

An Indian postage stamp depicting Panini

An Indian postage stamp depicting Panini

Proving the old adage that a good idea has many fathers, some scholars believe that one of the fathers of computing is Panini, an ancient Sanskrit grammarian who, according to commonly accepted estimates, lived in the fifth century B.C.
Almost nothing is known for certain about Panini’s life. Tradition has it that he was born near the Indus River in what’s now Pakistan. Panini’s grammar for Sanskrit is highly systematized and technical. Inherent in its analytic approach are the concepts of the phoneme, the morpheme and the root, not recognized by Western linguists until some two millennia later. His rules have a reputation of perfection—that is, they are claimed to fully describe Sanskrit morphology, without any redundancy. A consequence of his grammar’s focus on brevity is its highly nonintuitive structure, reminiscent of contemporary «machine language» (as opposed to «human-readable» programming languages). Panini uses metarules, transformations and recursions with such sophistication that his grammar has the computing power equivalent to that of a Turing machine. In this sense, Panini may, indeed, be considered the father of computing machines. His work was also the forerunner to modern formal-language theory. Paninian grammars have also been devised for non-Sanskrit languages. The Backus-Naur form (sometimes called the Panini-Backus form), or BNF, grammars used to describe modern programming languages are similar to Panini’s grammar rules. It’s not even known whether Panini used writing for the composition of his work. Some historians argue that a work of such complexity would have been impossible to compile without written notes, while others allow for the possibility that he might have composed it with the help of a group of students whose memories served him as «notepads.»


How To: Reopen last opened tabs/pages in Google Chrome Web Browser

The source is here.

You can choose the pages that should automatically appear whenever Google Chrome opens. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the wrench icon wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Options (Preferences on Mac and Linux, Settings on a Chromebook).
  3. Click the Basics tab.
  4. [Note: instead of previous three steps you can open new tab with Settings typing «chrome://settings/browser«.]
  5. In the «On startup» section, choose the page(s) you’d like to see at startup:
    • Home page: Select «Open the home page» and enter the page’s web address in the «Home page» section. Learn more about setting your home page
    • Pages that were open last: Select «Reopen the pages that were open last» to see pages you had open in your active window at the end of your previous browsing session.
    • Other pages: Select «Open the following pages» if you’d like to see a specific page open at startup. You can make multiple pages open by entering a page’s web address in the «Add a new page» section. To set the pages you have open at the moment as your startup pages, click Use Current Pages.



Демки HTML5 и производительность браузера — тесты от Microsoft

Наслаждаемся тестированием производительности своих любимых браузеров с помощью интерактивных тестилок от Microsoft.

Тест Драйв от Microsoft

На моем Internet Explorer 7 понятно ничего не рабоатет совсем — HTML 5 не поддерживается. Начало поддержки на IE9, но лучше тестировать на новейшем ШУ-10 (IE10) :).

Зато в любимом Google Chrome (у меня сейчас версия 16.0.912.63 m) все работает и крутит в основном достаточно шустро.

Для объективной (но скучной) проверки, что из HTML5-фишек поддерживается на Вашей платформе и посчета очков (Score) запускайте тест —

Мой Google Chrome показал 359 баллов по шкале «Niels Leenheer«.





Android Downlink and Uplink speed and RF Signal/Base Station Tracking

i. To estimate download and upload network speed (both Cell RF and WiFi) use free Android application provided by well-known online test server —

ii. Apps from Android Market for RF cell network  signal tracking and looking for cell BS locations.

1. RF Signal Tracker

Ken Hunt v 2.3.4.

2. OpenSignalMaps

Staircase 3, Inc.

+ Signal Strength

+ Cell BS location and direction

+ Uplink and Downlink Speed test.


USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy SII

Are you looking for Samsung Galaxy S II USB drivers to use ADB, DDMS and/or other Android development tools?

1. For any OEM Android device you can find the links for OEM USB Drivers on official site.

From there this is the location I generated and used to get software (driver kit and Kies) and manual for Galaxy S II, ATT carrier (model name SGH-i777).

2. Do not forget to enable USB Debugging <Menu(Apps)->Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging> on device. By default it is disabled and therefore your device is detected as MTP unit which you still can use if install Kies (PC Software for Mobile from Samsung).

Сайт о Кене — человеке и инженере

Занятный человек. По сайту можно узнать многое о человеке, если он не скрывает, а, напротив, раскрывает себя.

Знакомьтесь, Кен Хант (Ken Hunt)человек и инженер. Инь и ян живут в каждом из нас в разных пропорциях, но не каждый проявляет их в такой форме как Кен — его авто пара просто очень выразительна!

Заочное спасибо Кену за полезную программку, которую я искал —

RF Signal Tracker — Андроидный измеритель сигнала мобильной сети с другими полезными фишками.

Другая интересная и полезная прога, разработанная Кеном  — карманная мобильная Конституция Соединенных Штатов (для Андроидов).


GIMP — Бесплатный вариант Photoshop

Бесплатный вариант для редактирования файлов .PSD (Photoshop Document) и обработки изображений подобно Adobe Photoshop — только значительно дешевле!

GIMP – Free Photoshop Alternative

GIMP = GNU Image Manipulation Program

«For those that are not familiar with GIMP, it is a 100% free, open-source photo editing software that is very powerful. Some uses are: resizing, editing, and cropping photos, combining multiple images, and converting between different image formats. GIMP can also be used to create basic animated images in the GIF format.  And of course, you can open and edit your photoshop .PSD files! GIMP is available for Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS.»

Загрузить GIMP!


Фото, фото, фото…

Прикрутил-таки фотогаллерею в пилотном варианте. Добро пожаловать поразглядывать фотографии и Альбомы!

Новые рюшечки Google не перестают радовать

Переключатель-окошечко «Satellite» в Google Maps показывет превью спутникого изображения того места над которым висит. Замечали ли это когда-нибудь? ;)