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The Transformative Power of Group Vocal Improvisation

Another article-interview cooked by my beloved wife. Now the article is about vocal improvisation with the story from Renée Benmeleh.

Full quotation out of on-line magazine


group-improvThe Transformative Power of Group Vocal Improvisation

by Elena Mariakhina

When vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Renée Benmeleh was three years old, her grandmother gave her a cassette of children’s music called Cri-Cri: El Grillito Cantor, which launched her love for music. Since then, music has always been within her. During difficult times, singing became her refuge, “a place of safety” where she could reconnect with inner peace.


While studying at Mills College, Benmeleh became interested in dissonant, atonal, and polyrhythmic music. After years of participation is Molly Holm’s vocal improvisation ensemble, Flux, Benmeleh led a vocal improvisation class for the first time in 2011. Today, she facilitates drum circles, multi-age instrumental music workshops, and Berkeley Vocal Improv.

During monthly vocal improv workshops at Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley, California, Read the rest of this entry »

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Ordinary Miracle

Artist: Sarah Mclachlan
Song Title: Ordinary Miracle


It’s not that unusual
When everything is beautiful
It’s just another ordinary miracle today
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Our Love Is Unconditional

Artist: George Strait
Song Title: Our Love Is Unconditional

«I CROSS MY HEART» by George Strait

Or love is unconditional
we knew it from the start
I see it in your eyes
you can feel it from my heart
from here on after
we’ll stay the way we are right now
and share all the love and laughter
that a lifetime will allow
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